Wanna know how to betray customers with mingling and insufficient words? ASK VODAFONE! They are quite good at it...


It's very sad how a company I trusted most, the one I recommended to
wide range of friends always, has at last axed on my legs! I had heard
a several times before that mobile companies do loot their subscribers
with little information being conveyed to them and most part, must to
be known hidden at large. But with mine near five year association
with Vodafone has never put me into this vicious play of hide-n-seek.
For many instances though it appeared at some trivial times but
consecutive talks have led to 'customer satisfaction'. May be I was
lucky all this years!

Only in the afternoon did I got one SMS which read:

RC34-Get V2V local calls at 10p/min along with 2700 FREE(Local and
STD)secs,both valid for 30 days OR directly activate for Rs16.Dial
*121*1# to activate

now would anyone who understands basic English could tell me what this
message do speaks after all. What I have grasped out of it is:

There is one special pack which if activated guarantees me of Vodafone
to Vodafone calls at 10paise/minute and 2700 seconds worth talktime of
calling to any Local or STD subscriber in India. This is the plan and
there are two ways of activating this - one by making Easy recharge of
Rs.34 and the other one directly through my cellphone by pressing
*121*1# which would deduct Rs.16 from your main balance. Simple right?
Don't forget yourself of looking deeply at CAPITALISED OR!

But the people back at Vodafone displayed their vicious picture once I
activated this through my mobile. Once I activated, they said for
Rs.16 free seconds are not applicable for you! Displeasant suprise
right? Back then I dialled instantly to their customer care where they
told me all this and when asked for refund after unsubscribing from
this plan, they roguely disagreed to do so. What an idea sir ji! Might
be their say at back end but I was at receiving end of their cruel
joke. Anyhow I tried my best to convey them my position by dialling
possibly for three times at a stretch but all in vain; even asked the
fellow at other end to transfer the call to supervisor but he
blatantly refused of entertaining any of my request.

With this piece of my blog I'm in no way trying to defame or present a
bad, unacceptable picture of Vodafone base but presenting every
cellphone user with dark reality of mobile companies... It
particularly isn't mere an issue of Rs.34 or Rs.16 but at large a
matter of 'customer betrayal' not directly but with fewer & not
adequate information.

The gentleman at call centre even asked me, why didn't I called the
'customer care' and not confirmed? This looks very much legitimate at
first but then, why are this SMSes are all for? And some days before
when I had called customer care for some other reason, the gentleman
back there had told me in detail of this particular plan where the
gist of his advertisement was the above SMS and nothing more. For
confirmation, the staff at vodafone could well pick this particular
tape and can listen in, I have no problem. And after all, for every
promotional SMS, they at the end of it used to include:
'For more details Dial 121(tollfree)'

This line was missing this time which made me to think it's not
necessary! Whose mistake is it after all!? They talk in length about
customer satisfaction, is this your novel service?? Who is satisfied
after all this myriad circus of give and take? Not so important but
worth it's mention is this attitude of their employees. When called in
the evening the fellow says, you please put it down, it's our PRIME
TIME! Prime time of what - looting or finding new ways of mingling


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