Medical college debate widens the rift between Karwar-Sirsi!! Is political rivalry between Anand Asnotikar and Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri fuelled this??

Two biologically diverse towns of Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka state are on boil after an ambiguous move was made to shift the proposed Government medical college from Karwar to Sirsi.

It’s in fact Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri's move to shift proposed college to his constituency, Sirsi, which created quite an unraveling stir in the coastal belt. Recently Times Of India was found reporting that, 'a high-powered meeting was held in Banglore under the chairmanship of minister of medical education S A Ramdas on 21 September to discuss shift of Medical College from Karwar to Sirsi'. The outcomes of this closed door meeting delighted the business center of Uttar Kannada district. However Minister for Fisheries, Anand Asnotikar, under whose constituency the Karwar falls was furious over this shift. But in between this old well known political rivalry of two stalwart politicians, the common man found himself pissed off. People from both the constituency were left with nothing but wild guessed and found dejected at no one's rescue!
Statement made by doctors and members of Medical Association of Sirsi that a Medical College was sanctioned for Uttar Kannada and not Karwar has kicked up a fresh furious debate in both the constituencies. Different places have witnessed different sort of protects from vivid corners of this region demanding the college be setup in their own region. But as far now, no fruits have been recorded in favor of any part from any of the government machinery which again is blamed for making undue delay in procuring decisions curtailing confusion in the region.

About four years ago state government had issued a notification stating, all district hospitals be upgraded to Government Medical Colleges. As Karwar happens to be the District Headquarter and holds district hospital in its heart makes it undoubted choice and front runner for Government Medical College. Many leaders even from neighboring constituencies were found batting for Karwar. For instance, Joida, which happens to be the most backward taluka of Uttar Kannada, has registered its voice against move to shift college to Sirsi. The agitators from coastal belt were furious over other reasons too. The argument that they have lost their land for projects such as seabird and Nuclear Power Plant (though this plans were framed under Central Government) were sublime. During last four years, Sirsi had got horticulture and forestry colleges and there was no objection from the people of coastal region over this.

Sirsi on the other hand holds its magnanimous quality of academic record to be reckoned as academic hub of district still remains formidable destination of people in search of quality education. Study environment that prevails in this region certainly is one plus point for those who are batting for Sirsi. Apart, the district headquarters, civil courts and all other important buildings functioning only in Karwar provides Sirsi its chance to acquire this one stop project of attracting business on its soil. But issues of better connectivity still remain vital in this part of district. Further, the second phase of Seabird is scheduled to roll out at Karwar which amongst the other plans is believed to have construction of a brand new airport which undoubtedly would prove as a roadblock in Sirsi's ambitions!

In all this vague and ambiguous drama, what common people have conceptually understood is, Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri how so ever unavailable for other regions of state but has always rested his heart upon his constituency. On the other hand honorable minister for fisheries, Anand Asnotikar, who likes to fly from one party to another in the name of so called 'development of his constituency’, is still yet to show his voters, 'what he really meant by development of Karwar!’ The face of city has not yet changed much after his flip-flop acts; it still remains same with its chaos and blockades. No considerable projects signed till date and signed projects not implemented so far, the dubious question mark still prevails upon Mr. Asnotikar who garners his support and precious votes each time out of his father’s popular goodwill and sympathy over his death from the region.

Who would taste the fruits out of this political gamble is far from anyone's mere speculation. Kageri has begun batting well and Mr. Asnotikar is still yet to open his shots and prove his mettle. In the midst of all this, common man certainly is getting an unpaid telecast of action hitherto uncommon to this dull region. Rallies are taken out in townships every now & then tolling heavily on public life. Irony of all this protests is that rallies are outnumbered with aged pupils who mostly seek poor publicity out of anything in this region. Because we have mostly caught them posing and shouting before every camera of press personnel! Meanwhile kingmakers are the ministers who need to grasp the unrest in their constituencies and implement what so ever is best for both the regions without worrying about the dwindling vote banks. Halting the city every now & then over diverse issues will never bring the solution but will only bring undue paradigm of paralysis of human life.

Hoping the politics of publicity to end and politics of positive tomorrows to evolve, I sign off!!

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