Human Relations: How important is it to fulfill day-to-day small promises you and I make?

'I shall call you in the evening,' 'let's meet tomorrow!' or a simple 'don't worry, I shall look into it!' are all and many more are simple nuances of our day-to-day promises which mostly go unfulfilled. Nobody in us is there any 'son of satya Harishchandra' or 'son of the great Mahatma Gandhi'. We all are run-of-the-mill children, born and brought up in a world which reluctantly hesitates to provide importance to an act called 'promise-keeping'.

We all today have turned to be what they call gallivants. There is in fact a mad furor all around to perform what world chants as 'important' and leave aside 'the unimportant'. But in all this running from pillar to post, are we missing something, something which surpasses every other parameter of categorizing a work into important or unimportant? Or is it okay to get away with our current pace, continuing ourselves with our bunker mentality and acting as if we all are bystanders in this play!

Big or small, whatever the promise is, we always have tendency of breaking them. In fact most of us are the masters of broken promises! Every day we tend to break innumerable promises; promises that we promised to fulfill. And in doing so, we aren't just eroding the trust levied upon us but in true sense we are cultivating a behavior of tending to disobey ourselves each time. As Robin Sharma puts it,
"Every promise you break, no matter how small and seemingly inconsequential, steadily chips away at your character. Each time you don't return a phone call when you said you would or miss a meeting you promised to attend, you erode trust. Each time you don't honor a commitment, you chip away at the bonds between you and the people you have the privilege to live with. Every time you avoid doing right, you fuel the habit of doing wrong." How so ever small the promises may seem but the implication they hold to others might just be gigantic in their own way. Each promise you fulfill might certainly garner the necessary trust in any relationship. And this trust eventually would succeed in surviving your relationship from all the ups and downs of clumsy and frenzy life. Not to be forgotten is that, 'the fuel to great loyalty is this act of promise-keeping.'

It is not just the budding love birds that needs to learn this art of promise-keeping but growing leaders, old heads of major/minor institutions, friends and every other pupil who lives on this planet and believes in cohesive life must necessarily start practicing this wondrous human ritual. Because at the end of the day, it’s not your hefty salary sheet or certificates of heydays that's going to fuel your sound sleep but a smile of somebody special, a promise hard kept certainly would. All the good things of world begin from an idea however small and great ideas are always intelligent products out of balanced being. And what makes you balanced and calm is the merry satisfaction of heart and soul. The food you consume or the luxury you live in will certainly make you satisfied at those instances of savoring them but what next and how far? Gone are the days when roti, kapda & makaan (food, cloth & shelter) used to be the pivotal focus of human life. People of today's age are determined more to be identified for their loyalty. People today are keenly respected for their words and the efforts they put in to keep their promises alive.

The society we live in boasts of human relations and all the great relationships begins with doses of loyalty which in turn manifests out of small but feebly important acts of keeping one's promises. Because each time you fulfill a promise, a silent but steady relation starts budding in. The person at the other end starts feeling important thereby relying onto you for his everyday nuances. Eventually, you would realize how beautifully this nuances of life manifolds and enters into your style of living. Start by fulfilling the small ones for instance; larger ones will automatically settle down.
'Promise-keeping' is not just an act of devoting your time for others good but it’s all about honoring the other person. As you could see, to fulfill a promise, you need to devote your precious time, a time out of your busy important life. It’s precious because you can earn possibly everything in this world except an ounce of extra time. And when you devote some portion of this priceless time to someone, it certainly mean you value the person at other end, which automatically strengthens the bond between two individuals and readies them to face the world for good. Just try keeping the promises you make. Remember by doing so, you aren't doing any favor to other person but actually providing meaning and value to your own words which till date where meaningless to everyone as they were never fulfilled. Change would certainly begin as people start relying upon your words. And relying upon your words mean they have started weighing your ideas which in turn signifies the importance they are holding towards you. 
It's not as easy as it looks to be but it certainly is worth of an attempt. 
Let the candid magic begin…

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