Welcome to the great Indian 'nautanki' called election in Karwar's government college!!

The great Indian bold 'tamasha' called election is all here in
Karwar's government college to entertain you with all its melodramatic
events from sarcastic comments to circus like moves. If all your week
and month had been boring enough, then do one simple thing, visit
here. I promise you will not be disappointed. It has all spies; ultra
cool remarks to uber cool actions. In short, a complete bollywood

Day before the big day was totally electrifying. With last date
already finished long back and only one candidate from boys & girls
respectively filed his & her nomination, we simply felt, this year to
pass in very dull shades. But much to the dismay of everyone, some
fine shots electrified usual neutral day. Firstly, going averse to the
rules, a girl decides to stand for election of which nomination date
has already finished! She certainly had quiet majority of girls
backing her, even from boys including me echoed our voice in support
of her in a ongoing mathematics class which I suppose was all to waste
a few minutes of teacher at podium! Anyhow the sweet lady teacher was
adamant not to waste her time and somehow managed to silence us all
and started her lesson. That sharp moment I realised that a high
voltage drama is all set to unfold before us in coming time! What a
energizing moment was it!! Next, another spare hour went by in
discussing all rubbish which in no way had any possible connection
with college elections and time passed off. The next few things I
missed from my kitty as I intended to slip myself into news papers but
later my friends revealed me pretty interesting acts. As I indulged
myself in news papers, this herd of classmates went on their way to
rewrite the election rules. Their argument though seemed legitimate
was out of time now. 'We want our candidate to be given a chance to
file her nomination, fight elections and win all because, she had
clear cut majority and MOST IMPORTANTLY WE WISH IT', they conveyed
their desire with a teacher who was handling nomination papers in I
believe, harsh words. The girl who spoke this words with a particular
lady teacher, even went to the height of asking her to REWRITE THE
RULES! Rewrite the rules!! For whom?? For those, who even don't know
how to speak with a soft spoken teacher. And don't feel mercy that
they might really have not knew the last date. As it was circulated in
daily classes and was displaced on notice board too.

What interests me more is the rift that is taking place in between
fellow classmates. Those who were meant to behave as ideal friends are
turning into wild fighters, and all for what? To carry assignment
booklets, journals from here to there or to collect coins from each
and every student? Yes! You might be surprised to hear this but its
damn thunderbolt reality of Karwar's government college. Leaders are
nothing more than sort of clerks here; all they do is collect the
booklets and deposit in labs or respective rooms and basically
nothing! Do you think this requires any person to be tagged as LEADER
OR YOUR REPRESENTATIVE? Its a position with no power and nil charm.
And basically this fact interests me more and more over this petty
clashes... When a person has already stood, whats the point in
fighting over a position of mere transporter? If you say you want to
improve your college functioning or any other wonder stuff then wait a
bit... What is it that you wanna improve? The style of conjecting
booklets or the style of collecting coins!? Given the nil
participation of leaders in the karwar's govt. college, I don't see
any scope to move from shambled tradition. Actually its not me alone
who's speaking this but even some teacher have poured their heart out
on this issue when some of our mates went upto them for consultation.
Even the college leader is GOOD FOR NOTHING PAL. And to add to the
romance of it all, there even aren't any batches to decorate yourself
with LEADERSHIP TAGS! If only they were present, there would have been
a prestige in wearing them as a sign of triumphant attitude!

Whatever be the dramatic moves, sitting at the corner of class I'm
simply enjoying the spiced moves. But being very humble at heart, I
simply can't leave myself admiring those who are standing for this
election as it shows tremendous courage you took to stand out from
crowded serene class!! Honestly take my bow...

But amidst all high voltage dramas and acts this great Indian (or
Karwar's!) 'nautanki' must go on! After all we lack any melodramic
organisers and students to amaze at its proceedings... My only concern
is the diminishing thread of relationship which is getting hurt out of
all this blemishes all for no formidable reason!! Hope my friends will
understand this very well and take note... Good luck, good bye!!

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