Social Media blackout : Is Government of India killing fundamental democracy in the name of national security!?

A country much applauded for its modern democratic values, often
referred as largest democracy in the world is all set to axe on the
fundamental principles on which any democracy fosters. In the eye of
storm over recent exodus of north-east people from Banglore, Pune,
Chennai, Hyderabad and many parts of country; the govt. of India has
started blocking many a web-pages in the name of national security.
More than 200 URLs including twitter handles have already been
blocked, which is creating a whirlwind of debate all over the nation.

The recent pictures of north-eastern people moving in huge gigantic
numbers from railway stations to their hometowns was actually heart
wrecking and shameful being an Indian. Further, it would certainly
provoke anybody to think of blocking objectionable content from social
networking sites which was the prima-facie reason believed to
intimidate the much talked, debated and discussed north-eastern exodus
in unbelievably large numbers as legitimate step to stop such a huge
unrest in any nation. Around 27 thousand people flocked from Banglore
alone on single day by special train!! But the later developments and
further investigations digged in, to find reasons behind this exodus,
pointed fingers at neighbouring Pakistan for spreading have messages
from their servers. In the light of which many news channels started
showing 'how Pakistan laid down its fowl ever conspiracy plan to burn
and divide Indian state over religious sentiments'. It was even said
that top level talks will be instigated with Pakistan providing them
with proofs over this issue. But then suddenly, don't know what
prompted Indian goverment to do this, news started flashing that many
twitter accounts, URLs are getting blocked after govt. orders. The
most interesting part of all this story came in when a blog of blogger
who actually helped in curtailing these hate messages and weed out
offensive content found his blog blocked!

Nobody would have raised his concerns if only this was done all in
true spirit of national spirit but it seems now as if the government
is utilizing the opportunity to curb anything and everything in the
name of national security. Don't forget, its the same govt. which
other day tried to raise its ante in blocking cartoons, pictures and
many more which showed ruling party in bad light. As if now, there are
many twitter accounts which seem as if they have got blocked all for
spreading disinterest over congress party or present Goverment of
India. That is, its not the NATIONAL INTEREST BUT PARTY INTEREST the
goverment is protecting! Is this not an effort to curtail freedom of
speech & expression? Aren't the democratic principles getting hurt and
devastated with such an fowl play? Is this the only way to deal with
opposed views or raised fingers in democracy? Why not an answer for a
question instead wiping the question itself. Has Indian democratic
set-up lost its track of being called as 'largest functional
democracy' and moving towards a dead-end of dictatorial arena? Where
actually are we all moving? Are the days of complete blackout of
social media nearer? Only the Indira Gandhi of emergency fame might
have probably answered these questions logically and sensibly. The
current Prime Minister? Well, I believe honourable Prime Minister is
unaware of the fact that, human beings are gifted with a mouth, which
actually produces sound when opened!!

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