Karwar city pungently smelling with rotten fishes!! Has the City Muncipal Council kept its eyes shut and nostrils closed for eternity??

Sovereign independent India is all gearing up to celebrate its 66th
Independence Day with all glory and euphoria but the triumphant city
of Karwar is in the midst of all this trying hard to keep people away
from visiting its scenic Tagore beach! Whole of the city especially
the premises nearer to the open sea shores are filled with pungent
strong dirty aroma of rotten fishes spread ruthlessly on sea shore.
Just a simple drive on nearby road which used to give ecstatic scenic
experiences other day is all set to divulge you into a state of
vomiting today.

Today isn't the sole day when it got started all of a sudden but from
more than two days its been continuously raising in its magnitude. Its
not the merry sea shore to be blamed upon instead the fishermen nearby
who when harboring fishes have thrown useless ones which do not garner
income in the town market in open space which has rotten as of now and
had been the worry of many nostrils. Who are to be blamed? Well! Its
not the fishes which have rotten nor is it the bacteria's which have
rotted it in quest of taking forth their natural activity. Primarily,
with no doubt its the harsh fishermen who have thrown them in open
arena but what is going to be the gain of this blame game fiasco?
Instead, the City Muncipal Council, Karwar should have addressed it
fruitfully without blaming and shaming anybody at this stage when city
is getting ready to celebrate nation's Independence Day. Had just been
unfortunate of visiting City Muncipal Council building where I just
dropped in curiosity to notice whether the officials therein have
discoved any new gadget to keep their nostrils away from the rotten
intolerable smell as the building is nearly ten steps away from Tagore
beach where fishes are spread to rot. In fact not just the Muncipal
council but nearly all government buildings of the city fall in
serenity of Karwar beach and even then the mess has not been cleaned
yet. Everybody in the building are working perfectly as if nothing
great has occured yet, though some young officials have closed their
noses with kerchiefs.

Actually, I personally wanted to visit the place where this mess of
fishes have spread out but then imagining the smelly situation out
there I kept myself little away. But been fortunate of meeting some
visitors mostly from outside of town. Even spoke with one fellow who
was interested in knowing address of one goverment office. Between our
conversation he poured his earlier and present views of city and beach
which were drastically changed as of now! Even a eye on sea shore
speaks it all! The ever mushroomed flock of people on beach is missing
already. Forget about the Muncipal Council, the District
Commissioner's office is straight opposite to the sea shore. Have they
kept their eye lids close forever and nostrils decorated? Or is it any
sort of Independence Day gift for all the independent sovereign people
of Karwar!! They only must speak out...

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