Addressing the temples which lay DONATION BOXES in front of almighty!!

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My last post dealt with 'donations boxes' in temples. many argued for it as temples have no other resource to rely upon for running a temple. its true basically. I do understand that a building of material things can never be run alone by mere thoughts or pure devotion alone, it requires the hard monetary benefits to glide smoothly on its own and the abode of almighty bares no exclusion! From this perspective, shrines certainly need money to run them, and to serve the devotees that visit them. Actually the point isn't to bury the structures which have provided shelter and fundamental history to blossom and foster in their surroundings but to look in depth the current perspective that’s ruining the basic fundamental conscience of this religious ground zero buildings for which they basically were built! It’s not important how much you pay but the reason of your donations/paying is all that makes the difference. Is it the devotion, total dedication towards deity or is it mere hallucinated fear that’s pushing you towards these structures!? What is it... On the other hand, whatever be it, your fear or deep dedicated devotion, temples, mosques, shrines (whatever you name it!) you visit is getting prosperous day by day, their income is reaching the proverbial sky limit. Even there are some religious abodes in India whose collective value of assets surpasses annual budget of many states, sometimes even competes or may be crosses national budget!! Feels pride? What about their work? Meager or tremendous! Meager in helping develop the nations cause and tremendous in developing themselves. Yes, they find themselves busy constructing or renovating their premises. Wooden doors are getting replacement with gold and silvers. All this and many more happens when many of the country’s poor starve even for a single meal. I know I'm no one to question about their whereabouts or style of working but how far is it right to function such in the name of supreme almighty?? Is it not an act of sacrilege by buffoons called humans? If not god at least I'm getting goose bumps out of all this thoughts!!! Are you?

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