The mystical Rain!! And the saga of joy it brings in each of us....

Rain Rain and Rain everywhere!! For some it’s a nuisance, for some sheer shower of water and to some it’s an elixir of joy, happiness and tranquility. If it lashes out continuously for hours together, it sure might be referred to as monstrous but when you feel staggeringly uncomfortable due to summer heat and if at this particular time, rain starts to shower its tiny droplets with cool breeze then am cent percent sure that there is no great joy than dripping and bathing in the merry joyous shower from heaven!!   Meanwhile, as the days pass and mother earth starts bathing in drizzily cold waters, mesmerizing green dresses starts decorating it! This joy overtime might prove to be an addictious! What more as rainy season continues.... From unique smell of mud to musky odor of greenery, it brings all with it. There might be hundred reasons not to get wet in rain but still the joy of getting wet in lustrous rain surpasses all. Those worried over attacks of cough n cold must not forget ITS ONE LIFE MY FRIEND!! Let you savor all recipes offered out of compassion of supreme mother that’s Mother Earth out of love. Give her a chance to hug you through the hands of magical rain. Let drops simmer through every part of your body. You will feel that it’s not the body alone but mystically you are getting wet from inside. If enjoyed totally, you will notice how smartly you have been shedding off you worries!  
Rain! If minutely studied or grasped, might prove successful in teaching some lessons! Let me reveal one incident out of hard pages from my life: While going home yesterday, there was mild drizzle from skies! Oh my greatness! How beautiful was it! Anyhow, I was moving thorough it. Meanwhile, I noticed some of my mates standing at shops waiting ardently for the rains to subside. Logic was that it was so meager rain and journey of sheer five minutes, I reached home safely but then particularly something unprecedented occurred, suddenly skies mustered their all strength and the rain that followed lashed everything. May be it lasted for an hour or so. With lots of winds it left no one to dare cross it! I was safe at home without wasting much of my time and onlookers too were safe at same shops they were waiting but wasting their time!! What is it that everybody must look and grasp here is timing. No doubt, the rain was continuous but first slow drizzles and later windy shaky tremors. Opportunities in life to behave such; first they present you with a path leading to success with some mild challenges than bigger ones follow. Smartness certainly lies in picking up opportunities at right time or else you will find the train missed. Fear must have no place in your life. Never allow it to paralyze you instead defeat the fear itself and move forward. Success and joy shall be yours. At flip side, life at least for me has no meaning with all sweets. What’s the joy of climbing a mountain devoid of trees and pebbles? Better stand on leveled terrain and simply stare at it, it’s same. 
Don't let the seconds pass unattended instead pick up every moment to teach or lead you with a lesson or success in life. Rain has much more things to offer every inhabitant on this planet, need is to grasp it with that awesome attitude. Anyhow good or bad, enjoy it. Apart, I don't believe there's any way stopping the show of water from sky. Better love it and learn to live with it. ONE LIFE, ONE JOURNEY; Why blame n hate something that we can't change and be devoid of once in a year joy of heavenly bliss? BE THOUGHTFULL AND GO GET DRIPPED IN MYSTICAL RAINS AND SAVOR JOYS OF LIFE.

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