What made KKR win in IPL-5 different from rest of the teams? Shahrukh Khan, Mamata Bannergy or Kolkata Knight Riders spirit!!

What made Kolkata Knight Riders to win? Is
a nut-shell question hard
to break, even to the so called experts sitting at
platforms of news
channels! They won atlast; is the most satisfactory and joyous words
all I could utter at the present. Calmly looked but desperately
awaited four years were all a worth of their share. Had we won it in
the first edition of IPL itself, it could have been a different story
and probably wouldn't have had the glist it is having at present.
Amidst all, the most talked about phrase about riders is their
'consistency' with which knights moved in the whole tournment. It was
really fab, winning one by one, each game, very efficiently but with
patience and calmness on face but fire in heart. Because this time
there was that one thing in mind of all
players; the cup. Yes, the
humiliation that the past four years have brought was just disastrous,
anybody could have lost his confidence on such a inconsistent team but
unshattered captain Gautam Gambhir and Badshah Shahrukh Khan, though
tensed kept their support with their side,
they knew, looking at past
or just retrospection
wouldn't help them in any kind. What they required was heavy vision
and captain had it!
He confidently built the necessary confidence and togetherness among
the shattered team,
brought the scattered but wondrous pieces
together. He was the real maverick. He was the one who knew, if they
play, team as whole then nobody could stop them and the same happened.
The finale was just an illustrous
example of it.

The reason why KKR's win is catching eye-balls is all because, they were the
only team which was playing for the glory of state rather only for a
club owned by an owner & themselves! Yes, at times when Knight riders
co-owner Shahrukh Khan being christened as Kolkata's brand
ambassador, it sure carries tremondous
weight; presenting an winning team to the state he
endorses. Badshah actually
was much humiliated at
many of the parties and functions that game was attached to; many a
sort of jokes were being framed on his team. In all this circumstances
this win over the two
times defending champions absolutely was able to answer the questions
being raised over team and its owners! And neverthless to mention,
there's no other team which has associated itself with states
politicos and
voice of it. It was
Kolkata Knight Riders spirit that brought energetic Mamata Bannergy to
the Eden Gardens for the first home match. There are three earlier
teams ( namely Rajasthan Royals, Deccan Chargers, Chennai super
kings[2] ) who already have won it in previous
editions of the game but no eminent voices in
states of which they carried name have associated themselves with
teams. All apart
triumphant and joyous Mamata Bannergy took much pride in applauding
and congratulating the
team which carried the name of state she ruled. Travelling the extra
mile she even announced
a rally to thank all fans & supporters of KnightRiders who stood by
themselves amidst all the conditions; be it win or defeat. On 29th of
May there will be a rally from Writers' buildings to the Eden Gardens
where Shahrukh himself would thank all supporters! Good news is that
no entry fee for entry in Edens, anybody could enter... Again I
personally thank the team at KKR for giving us
this joy to hold.
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