West Bengal CM Mamata Bannergy walks out of a talk show, reason: questioners are maoist and CPM cadres!

The most sarcastic news that’s beeping on screens today is 'Mamata
walks out of a show' and ironically enough, reason being quoted out is
'Questioners were Maoist and CPI(M) cadres & supporters!'. Well, the
CM must not forget, she is no more an opposition leader; to boycott
anything and everything ruling party proposes or disposes!! What
occurred as seen in video clips is most unfortunate and unexpected that
could ever happen, a Chief Minister of a state gets a call from
leading news channel to be part of a show to commencedete completion
of a year in office and Bannergy accepts it. Alright and much needed
to applause to her for doing so; most CM's never respect an invitation
at all! But when you are invited to an open talk show, you must well
equipped with yourself to face any sort of questions that might come,
planned or unplanned. After all, you aren't someone too ignorant or
paddler of road picked for a talk show, but leader of a state (most
popular CM and politician in and out of India). Even then, its fine
and okay if you are not satisfied with the questions being poised
there or find them as arrows in assembly session but walking out
without answering in your unpopular style is mostly unacceptable,
mostly these instances doesn't go well with your post and stature. If
you find anything wrong then as an honest minister you could speak or
argue and thereby silence your detractors with logic & appropriate
reasons. But stating and calling the questioners Maoist or CPM cadres
is truly satirical. Internationally reckoned TIME's magazine
felicitate you in the list of 'MOST POWERFUL WOMEN', is this the
power, morale and behavior shown by a powerful lady? Then, sorry
TIME! You have picked up a wrong person this time. Powerful people
face the times, questions or doubts raised by their opponents,
detractors or whosoever they be but they never show their back and run
off from a well reckoned news channels talk show; that’s too at time
when she completes a year in office after a day of this drama.

Hillary clinton recently at her visit to India praised Mrs. Bannergy
for her winning efforts, she might be feeling embarrassed as of now.
We know you are low tempered, but being doubtful of anyone &
everyone, isn't something very great. We have a pretty high respect
for you, especially that gigantic win over CPM and an admirer for
those street fights but remember you are no more a rebel or street
fighter; but an head of the reigning state. 'Honored Mamataji we
wants to see Poribortan (change) in state not in yourself!!'.

The gigantic win over CPM clearly speaks how powerful and capable you
are and its much ripe time now to show that Mamata means not just
strike and political melodramas but business, development and
transparency in speech and movements. It would sound very immature of
myself to say that your feared of anyone or anything but walking away
from show points to those thoughts in the kingdom of fear for nothing.
What if the maoist or CPM themselves pose you with loads of questions;
show them that this firebrand leader could face it and say it on their
faces! West Bengal is not a mere state of India or corner of world but
a region in world's arena which presented world with its finest
thinkers, from Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore to Swami Vivekanand. All of
them rose to the pinnacles of world's intellectual despondency with
their sheer mind which was known to answer every question being posed
onto them. And don't forget Bengalis are known for their witty
intelligence; Mamata could even have kicked the questions aside with
wittiness, but as seen in clippings she was adamant to behave thus and
walk out of news room.

Let’s just hope the next time ever she accepts an invitation from CNN
IBN or any other channel, she comes equipped with all patience to
answer all questions expected and unexpected, so that there arises no
situation to make her WALK OUT of show, remember people all over the
country are watching over you, leave alone the state that you head.
But then news channels must first introduce her with lots of sweet
floating words such that the very next bitter questions she savors
with libido and patience!!

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