BHARAT BANDH: Are strikes really for common man or meagre political stunt? Whom to blame for Economic slowdown...

Indian economy is feebly lowering with no or very less sign of its
improvement but political stunts and policy paralysis, it seems have
no nearer end. Are our politicians really worried or are they worried
only of 2014 general elections? Every move made by ruling party is
getting derailed by its own alliance or opposition. What interests
most of us to ask is: Is govt. left its morale to think of common man
or opposition has become too adamant to oppose every motion of UPA?
Think for a while, in the recent parliament sessions, all the motions
or moves made by UPA have been cut short by other parties. They may
have flaws in them or have some practical woes but will it be right to
stop the session itself, when you peacefully could speak, discuss and
bring amendments required. We are in a sorry state, our political
parties are more interested in walk-outs because it makes news; free
publicity to put in apt words!

Growth rate is continuously decreasing but nobody except
economists/corporators seem are worried. For every decision of govt,
country somewhere is witnessing a strike, but are we ready for the
expenses raised due to them? Everybody knows what successful strike
means? It simply means a still further fall in economy of nation.
Still more, strikes aren't peacefull anymore, as the day lasts, many
of public property gets wasted, buses getting burnt, shops broken,
trains halted, crowd hurt and many more. Most critical of them is the
common man for whom the said strike is primarily made off. Do you
think at the end he is benefitted in any manner? May be not. The
public transport that gets hurt out, directly hits his life. The
economy that gets a blow out out of this strike too bends his backbone
first of everybody else. Then, would you still consider the strike as
success? When the main ingredient for whom it was made is not
benefitted out of your furious act then, where actually the logic lies
in calling it a success? Strike simply aren't just the primary method
of protest or bringing the needed change, if you believe in bringing a
better change then think whats necessary & better for it rather
opposing anything and everything.

Its not just the BJP, Congress, Left or any other political party that
someone is blaming but the hard core mentality we are practising. WE
SOMEBODY ELSE'S HAND!! Everybody wants to blame the opposite end of
its nil reform and portray itself as reformer in the eyes of blind
voter. We are currently facing political crisis with deficiency of
ideology and principles. Need is to go hand in hand without worrying
of personnel gains. Its time our politicians rise to the occasion in
bringing about the change such that current policy paralysis gets
derailed and in some manner our economy slips into out of danger mark
such that chances of India becoming 'Greece of Asia' minimises.

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