Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate: a movement or show to introduce superstar to TV through STAR PLUS!!!

Television has always been an industry like sea with its own highs & lows and rare instances of high tides or tsunami in TRPs (till date only because of KBC). Not forever! A brand new entirely different genre show gets broadcasted on odd time slot of boring Sundays and in less than minutes of its broadcast, reaches a point where rules get rewritten. 'Satyamev Jayate' is here. A show, even before completing a week of its first broadcast gets headlined on prominent news channels. Nevertheless to stop its success story therein; it gets discussed, debated and applauded from all spheres of lives for bringing forth the brutal menace of female foeticide which is silently corroding the pillars of Indian morale hitherto boasting of its equality principles.

Howsoever, what really has made this show totally different from the merry usuals is its association with conscience call to awaken the sleeping souls. Yes, it honestly takes guts to stand on a national television which is widely watched by millions and, speak about an utter sensitive issue like female foeticide with deliberate research that could even dispose the jobs of many involved in ruckus crime. And most importantly 'to promise' and 'to act accordingly' are entirely two different worlds of their own. Alright, content of show is ready but who shall host it then? Whom should STAR India board on for such a pathbreaking show which, requires people’s faith and will, not just to see & forget; but stand with/for it? And now actually a phenomenon called Aamir Khan comes into mind; a star known for his instant people connect techniques and approach, a perfect choice! In the midst of all hallucinogenic 'reality shows', this one really is a people's show wherein, hitherto known but unspoken, unresolved hurdles of humanity are discussed with a passionate to help human heart and tender soul. Its important to mention here about the much needed care thats being taken to see that nothing in the show is exaggerated much! Yes, no exaggeration of sorrow or emotions (on actually which the TV industry was running upon).

It was a year before that STAR India CEO Udayshankar approached Aamir Khan for a talk show which as expected in public circles got dumped. Later behind the screen conversation, exchange of ideas and a stand apart thinking is all that took forward the wait for Aamir's appearance on tv and finally he agreed upon a show entirely different in its content, work and many unsaid facts; and this is how a fine carved way was made to give birth a soul stirring show called Satyamev Jayate. On the other hand, its produced by Aamir's own production house in collaboration with Reliance Foundation, well known for its pathbreaking initiative called Real Heroes on CNN-IBN and for many more philanthropic acts. Above all, I feel its heart stirring conscience call that was attended by Aamir and Udayshankar to come up with Satyamev Jayate. Aamir sure was a smart choice as to present an old dessert in a new plate (golden plate), so that in the lure of staring at plate, dessert too is happily savored! But mostly show talks about human plight and apathy to fight against the well known odds and disastrous menaces. It wouldn't be an exaggeration in saying, 'show has lived up to its dreams and hopes'. Aamir Khan's much talked about first appearance and his association with a show like this has primarily had rave talks of common man centric initiative which moreover seems clearly been achieved or perhaps Satyamev Jayate is moving towards a point where a new bar of standard is being rewritten (time only could reveal). Khan's first time appearance if aptly put, actually presents the much needed genuineness and stamp of guarantee to its content or promises which are being entertained in the show. The subject that’s being discussed in show's studio isn't a new one, many people in the past have fought rigorously for it and have registered their voices; leave
 alone the people, even news channels have debated, discussed, voted and have broadcasted it. What prima-facie ingredient they lacked was - an Aamir Khan to host/lead it; a star known for his lesser known public appearances which silently kept his admirers to wait ardently before the idiot box up to this time. The recent Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot's tweet read  "SatyamevJayate is a great & extra ordinary initiative to root out Female Feticide.I am eager to have a fruitful dialogue with Aamir on 9 May" . That tweet clearly periphrases, how different Satyamev Jayate is, from the rest of the talk shows. The effect it has made, support it has garnered over the time is pretty enormous, no one simply could deny this. The question, why only Aamir Khan to raise this issues got automatically answered after show's official website www.satyamevjayate.in got crashed due to sudden pool of surfers who visited it. The response from bollywood and media moghuls is just another example of its popularity.

In the messy world of TV shows which just talk, debate and pass sarcastic comments and evade all of a sudden; Satyamev Jayate stands apart. It goes a step ahead and tries in its own ways to solve them, as a proof of which its host Aamir has recently met Rajasthan CM in connection with some pending cases regarding a sting operation that was being carried upon by two daring journalists.

Broadcasted widely from much viewed Star Plus and national channel Doordarshan to different other regional languages, it clears its aim; no confining with a single channel for money but spreading across such that every possible person could watch it. It’s a matter of conscience call which demands its reach to maximum possible Indians so as to make them aware of the burning issues faced by reigning humanity that dwells in every one of us. Smartly chosen time slot of 11 am on Sunday too looks fairly thought off, giving every possible individual from housewives to workaholics enough time to complete their undue heavy long sleeps and daily plus Sunday chores to finish them off and silently sit before the television set for sending their brains to thoughts!! A picture perfect blend!
Satyamev Jayate, clearly bleaks all rules of television industry to unfold a new way of using so called or blamed idiot box. Times are changing, those times have passed, when a cup of tea in hand, switching on the TV used to wake you up with usual melodramas in turn breaking to sleep. The new times are here to wake up not just your masculine body but forever slept heart and soul too. So wake up on an usual Sunday to an unusual dose of conscience call which, who knows, might change the way you looked at the world and its dogmas.
Anyhow, congrats and good luck to lucky mascot Aamir and his team at Satyamev Jayate for presenting us a worthy show.

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