The story:How the Mahatma Gandhi and his legacy got sold off in London?

The Mahatma Gandhi is not just a page of history; he is profound
inspiration of many and silent guiding force behind the millions of
world who fought their share of war against odds with a firm stand on
Gandhian principles. Even today when Bapu's name is being called in a
public gathering; how so ever noisy it may be earlier but after
Gandhi's mention, a deep honoring silence persists everywhere; that’s
the power mahatma beholds. When it’s the question about Gandhiji,
careless talks are forbidden! Gandhi is not just a name or freedom
fighter, he is a revolution in himself, god to many and sacred figure
to the masses. But today, as the time has moved from the glorious past
and unfolded itself into culminating present where, our rulers have
strong libido to present themselves as caricatures, much awed mahatma
seems losing its glistening shine. Gandhiji's belongings are getting
auctioned at different places in the west and India is maintaining its
staggering silence over all the matter. What-so-ever may be India's stance on this matter, Gandhiji's admirers all over the country are feeling deeply hurt because mahatma was not
just an historian who wrote himself India a history on which whole of
nation could feel proud. He spearheaded our war of independence with
his own principles of truth and non-violence. SATYAGRAHA was another
novel method introduced by Gandhi to the world. His achievements today
aren't hidden from the nobles and common mass, he is much adored and
praised fighter of this very world we live in.

In today's metro era ‘father of nation’ is surely put aside by the
christened politicos of nation. His plight is surely going unnoticed,
his state is so much dilapidated that even his principles for which he
stood tall and fought are put at stake in the name of auction. It’s not
simply a spectacles or blood stained grass that’s being auctioned in
the west but silently wrapped in materials maverick satyagrahi is
being sold off! And most sad part of the story is that his own country which boasts itself as his birthplace is keeping mum on all the circumstances that are being carried upon in the world.
Once part of Gandhiji's daily life CHARAKHA is getting ready to be
part of some rich lads drawing room! Is this what Gandhi had asked
from his birth land? It’s simply not just the Indian states which are
crying but every admirer of Gandhi from corners of world is in state
of grief. Whatever may be the market rules of an auction, Gandhiji's
belongings are not mere things that he possessed once but the proud
elements of his life which have stuck to his life over a period of
history where his ideas flourished and they transformed into a
successful revolution. Very own belongings of Bapuji carries
cherished memories of our splendid past where India fought for its
independence. If you argue by saying material things have no value
only their purpose was to serve and now as it’s over, as is the plight
of those things than sorry to say celebrating our independence day our republic day has no meaning at all!! What’s the point in celebrating, when the man who gave it to us is being sold in
the market like slave and we here are celebrating something which was
whole and sole his gift? It’s like celebrating the birth of a child
when mother is declared dead on hospital bed! If the authorities doesn't wake
up now, and certain stringent steps if not taken, then Gandhi's legacy
would be brought to danger line by market bearers. Every belonging
which has its association with the mahatma must be preserved for the
future generation to see and feel how Gandhi was different from the
present bunch of leaders, what actually made people to follow an old
man! Sadly enough, we honestly don't want our future generation to
have a chapter on Gandhiji which reads ‘Mahatma Gandhi was born in
Porbandar and got sold off in western countries!’ Is this what you want
your children to learn and grasp? Let the great satyagrahi be
cherished in both heart and souls apart from just mean walls on which
he's usually decorated! Let his principles be kept alive, holding
which he made Independence of India possible.

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