Are we losing our unique genuineness in awe of becoming as the society or world desires!!!

The very morning I woke up today, before pulling myself out of my lazy
bed, strictly put myself to answer a question ‘Am I happy with
myself?, am I doing what I desire and wish?’, certainly not! For a
moment it seemed as if whole world is going deep into its core, I’m
loosing the purpose for which I started myself! Better late than
never, I was losing the very own genuineness of myself to the
stereotype called society or world. But then persuaded myself that,
I’m not the only one getting stereotypical, there are many, many of
thousands and millions in the world moving with crowd losing their own
earnest identity.  Yes! Let’s put up a brave question to our self,
‘Aren't the maximum of us tend towards the more stereotypical approach
of world and lose our genuineness with which we were born!?’
Absolutely, we are! Then, if we too were to be part of a more common,
more simpler, same crowd, driven upon by herd mentality that exists in
the society, then why actually ‘I and YOU’ specifically were born on this sphere? Weren't the million and billion living on
this land and beyond were enough to suffice the idea of herds, wherein a pupil does what his predecessor has already done or achieved. The world we live in is full of those self proclaimed intelligent existing in a more sophisticated herd called society or organization.

Team work on the other hand is totally different story altogether,
where different intellectuals come together to share a same platform
to share their own diverse ideas & views which in turn build up a new
understanding, new theory on which common folk can work upon or get
its inspiration from! In short team work is occurs when different sort
of people meet to voice their OWN thoughts and panoramic views which
makes it easier to reach at the pre-visualized conclusion without much
hassles and worries, of which there was chances when moving all alone!
On the other hand herd mentality is about following an age old trend
without making arguable 
 differences and changes into it, which could have drastically changed the thoughts of world or the way they gazes at you.

Everyday a new baby, new pupil is born onto this sphere, to start a
new revolution, to begin an institution in himself! But as the time
flow, the charisma with which you were born gets wane. Think for a
second, why were you put to birth, when billion of heads already
existed on this very land, was it simply the award of successful
intercourse that went by or just the reason that, 'somebody got died
and you got rose up?' albeit for me, everyone of us have born to start
a new theory, new trend, new journey, new destination, a new beginning
that no one has ever thought any day or will think of it any day! A
revolutionary change that only we can spear headedly bring upon! But
what actually happening is, in place of honing our abilities, we in
the process tend to lose that glitter and shine we accompanied
ourselves. In way of getting smitten from others we get 
ourselves smitten to others! From the homes, schools and colleges to the one, thereafter; we catch our self uttering, ‘yes and no’s together’ with a large crowd, we fine belongingness to. Though there are few that harness their genuineness and make this world, a better place to live in, their number is very meager. For every other one, who has been acting as his surrounding acts, been thinking, as his society thinks, it’s time to move on and get attracted to your own self and genuine intelligence that only you beholds and possesses. You weren't born all alone to please your surroundings but were brought up
to please yourself. Yes, as it’s been said 'only a pleased,
happy-in-himself person could bring the change he desires and the one
which world awaits from him', so it’s not the time to look at other,
but, to look, perceive and explore in yourself so, go deep, and there
you will find the pearls and treasure that you longed for. So let the
genuineness, a power within, an idea uncovered, come
out and foster well! Let the world be introduced to a new start, new
beginning, to witness something which the world's been waiting for
long time, keeping its hands folded! So good luck for a brand new
scintillating journey which is all yours!

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