Minister of Railways being made puppet or Football in the hands of Mamata Bannergy and Congress?

The very own circumstances and dramas as depicted by our politicians aftermath of the recent controversial Railway Budget, clearly seems to be a political satire played by dramatists with lots of preplans. After a heavy uproar & exchange of statements and remarks over the issue, it seemed, at last they will fall upon a conclusion; but no, as always they all were in theirs familiar googly colours; to criticize everyone except themselves. A news flashed on TV screens in night 'TRIVEDI RESIGNS AFTER MAMATA'S OPPOSITION' but morning had totally different story to tell! TMC itself was stuck in vivid confusions inside Parliament they say 'THEY HAVEN'T ASKED TRIVEDI TO RESIGN' but outside they say THEY HAVE PLANS TO CHANGE THE RAILWAY MINISTER!!! are we all outside the parliament mad to listen and hammer our heads to the diverse views which our leaders hold in their minds? and at last what should be believed and what not to, was for people of this country to think & scratch their heads. Apart from all this there was one more thing to be noticed aptly and that was poor minister, Dinesh Trivedi; who was being pulled on either side by his own confidents. The story simply appeared as if it was master plan for adding some more glisten to the so called people's own Mamata Bannergy and 'Maa Maati Maanush' ideology of her party. Was he the puppet or just another BALI KAA BAKRA in between political heavy-weights. After a decade the rise in fares, was sure a prime need to save railways from going the way of Air India. Safety was another concern, which was badly hit in recent times. The largest employer in the world was sadly the worst maintained too, it's need of new finer technologies and improved thoroughly checked plans to put it back on track. Politicians must, for a moment, should, leave their egoist nature and think whats, the need of the hour for Indian Railways. Surely people might have well seen the political uproar on budget day and next day but very less people came to streets as compared to the ones at times of fuel price hikes. One reason might just be that, people don't want or can't afford Railways to travel the way Air India and KingFisher are been travelling. They may be the lolli-pops of elite but not the railways, its life line of a nation called India! Politicians must well remember this. Apart from this fare hike was the need of the hour for smoothly running a drowning life line, when fuel prices are heavily risen in a decade's span. Safety was another concern, will you put your life at stake for a meagre sum of rupees in name of growing concern over safe, hygienic yet moving railways? Applause for Trivedi for going against the tides to take a bold decision to save and trying to bring back the railways from ICU, in his own words!!!

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