How we contribute to the corruption that we talk about???

Corruption!!! Yupp, the much talked phenomenal word has it or may be identified  mostly with the first grade higher officials or people in the ministries and offices. For time being leave it all aside (not corruption but the blame game) and think for sometime, WERE they able to loot the public property without your support? Is it possible for anyone to STEAL things from your home without having any flaws from your side? Will it... Impossible would this be.  Than why have flaws or being crook from our side and support or tempt  others to loot you, just because of a little fulfillment of undue urgency or favour. Aren't there enough rules and regulations to counterbalance them and get your work done by fair means?! Certainly there are! Need of the hour is to know & understand them to act smartly in future. Like we observe in films, isn't it possible to unite and act against the black forces that hound you in day today life of us? Don't get amazed or quirk that 'films are films! Things played on screen are never to be believed or practiced in real life' thats something very common way of dumping the positiveness which arises after lots of hackles & tussles. Just give it a try, when someone asks for a bribe, don't forget to ask why? If they ask in return "HAVEN'T I PERFORMED YOUR WORK?" do make them amaze and aware by asking 'Don't the govt pay you? Or why's the govt paying you...'

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