How to Kiss Passionately

It really doesn’t matter if you are player or just getting started, the bottom-line is  you need to be a more-than-good kisser to present yourself as lovable and passionate. 

If you have been struggling to  get the action mastered, consider the following set of tips.

Getting Prepared

To get started, you need to ensure there are no distractions. Get rid of all the apprehensions in your mind and leave your worries behind for some other day. Be confident of yourself. Better circulation of blood means that your face will feel warmer, more welcoming and supple — something that is often ignored when kissing passionately is discussed - so, think naughty thoughts.

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Getting Expressive With Your Lips
It really doesn’t matter whether you bump your nose or your teeth collide. These things really don’t matter as long as you are ready to get creative with your lips. For starters, a passionate kiss can seldom be a light one. You need to press your lips with your partners. Don’t fret about what just right. Just remember that your lips should be smudged without worrying about the rhythm. If you are slightly more experienced in this niche, try to start with a full-on kiss and alternate it with lighter ones. The lighter mode includes moving away from her lips for a second, gathering your breath and then diving deeper with more momentum.

Getting Creative With Your Lips & Tongue

The French take the honors for inventing a rather passionate way of kissing. However, French Kissing isn't the only type of kiss that expresses passion. Forget about every rule in the book of kissing you have ever read or heard about. Keep it simple and try out as many variations as you. The best way to be a passionate kisser is to be spontaneous. This means doing everything possible with your tongue too. For instance, you can be sloppy with your tongue. This means smearing your partner's lips with a bit more of wetness and then repeatedly wiping it off with your lips. Suck your partner's lower lip into your mouth by shaping your lips like a big pout. When his/her lips are inside your mouth, tease and nibble them with your tongue and teeth.

Getting Aggressive Without Being Fast

Perhaps, one the most overlooked aspects of kissing passionately is the pace. There are no rules when you are trying to be spontaneous and expressive. However, it is recommended not to be too quick about it. Every variation of a kiss that you try should be slow in the execution. Whether it is pleasing him/her in bed or kissing passionately, being quick isn't the wisest approach sense it makes your sense rush through the motions, reducing the overall impact, not allowing your mind to process every bit of exhilaration it feels.

When Trying to Kiss Passionately Use Your Body Too
This passionate kissing tip is applicable to all those who are under the impression that your mouth needs to do all the work when kissing. The reality is that the manner in which your embrace your partner, preferably a tight hug, makes a major difference. The closer your bodies are pressed against each other, the better access you will have to your partner's mouth. More bodily contact also suggests that you are more passionate about him/her and aren't just testing or trying-out kissing. Slowly pull your partner closer when kissing, it will create a better impact.

Explore Beyond the Lips

Opinions differ on this aspect, but still most kissing experts suggest not limiting yourself to your partner's mouth. Use your lips like an explorer on the move. Kiss, lick and taste every bit of his/her face, including the chin, neck, cheeks and eyes. Nibble on her/his face, especially the ears. 

source:Yahoo Lifestyle

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