Finding the true meaning of life on sea beach!!! why problems arise one after the other?

Other day while trudging on the maverick white sands of Tagore Beach in Karwar with one of my old schoolmate, his deep subtle but palpable thoughts and its intelligent interpretation left me dumbstruck and sent me into one obscure dilemma.
He had asked in a deep, low but clear voice ‘isn’t our life same as that of this vast ocean! With waves continuously hitting shores time & again without pausing even for a short while…?’ with extreme amazement and surprise I looked at him, as if I meant to ask ‘in what sense!?’ he continued anyway ‘….with its continuous waves resembling exactly the problems or woes in our journey of life, which never gets silenced until our death, problem after problem, a newer, more complex one always props up, each time to think of giving up; ultimately death seems to be the ultimate end, end of sojourn journey. Death’s the real victory over it, because it’s the only thing which has the guts & absolute power to completely silence the ever appearing problem, otherwise each time we solve one there appears another, again if succeeded in solving their generates one new entirely different from the rest and this continues till your completely taken aback by it(death of course!). Likely here in this vast ocean each wave follows another, one comes to shore & disappears and another follows sit and from time immortal it’s been continuous and to the time immortal it would be! We say we get educated or learn to solve our problems efficiently or minimize them, but in real, education introduces us to a whole new set of problems which we wouldn’t have experienced if, left uneducated! But that simply doesn’t mean being uneducated will keep you happier, it indeed introduces you to some more awkwardly trivial problems! Then why simply are we born? Solving problems to survive else ultimate truth of life; death will survive us…..
If not stopped he might have continued with his nostalgic sad interpretation of bewildering life. Ocean on the other hand is simply a teacher, grandeur to humankind. For some the ocean’s a daily dose of bread(like fisherman) other’s a mean of sheer enjoyment; to be adventurous and enjoy its highs and lows, and some others like Mahatma Gandhi it’s a mean of proving their mighty strength they hold in fighting back against the adamant rulers(Dandi March), for some its nothing more than coming out with just wet legs!
Anyhow for time being or just for the sake of vast ocean think otherwise. ‘What if life has been a journey, a sort of candy floss; sweet, sweet & just sweet! With no worries, problems, challenges, complaints or tasks to accomplish, only joys & only joys; was it possible that humane would be happier at that instance? How would it appear if you are served only with sweets on dining table ‘everyday’? Will that still make you amuse, or enjoy the life? Obviously not! May be you going to hate it more than the present. We all are accustomed to different delicacies, which change with time & mood from sweet to spicy or sometimes just bitter! Some trick applies in savoring life, trudging only on shores of vast seas would even disappoint the sea itself. Try sometime moving deeper inside, who knows, you might come out with gems & pearls to cherish for the lifetime or sadly with just wet legs! It’s a matter of time, luck & sheer doggedness.

Life in its own way loves moulds and caresses everyone in its own best possible way. Need is to give it a try and thought. Change occurs only when we believe in changing. Each time when you solve a puzzle, it offers you another, a new, more complex but rejuvenating one. Just go on solving, at some time there might be an end or perhaps you would have something to feel proud upon yourself. Who knows what’s there in store for us, it’s always wrapped in and waiting for someone to open it! Has anybody been fortunate enough to notice on any day that a new problem occurs only when you’ve solved the old one, meaning that life itself want us to solve it, it even tempts you to solve it, so that it can offer you a new one, which surpasses the one’s you have already solved. Problems aren’t obstacles, they are just different delicacies to savor, just savor them and be proud, its offered first for you to taste and foretell the world that its worthy of giving it a try. Be happy, contented and just think you can solve them, that’s why they are offered to you! You sure would be joyous that you tried. Good luck & happy journey travelling in deep unknown world full of oceanic beauties and bewildering yet precious surprises.

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