Shame India shame to ban Salman Rushdie!!!

In the beginning the revered Jaipur Literary Festival begins on low note but as the organizers revealed that most eminent writer Salman Rushdie is going to visit the fest, India started to show its shine! We know his book Satanic Verses has been banned in India and even are well aware that its contents were objectionable which raised many a eye-brows and he too was restricted from visiting his birth place/country. Leave all behind and think with open mind for some time; has Salman Rushdie written only one book to his kitty, nah but many! Even we shouldn’t forget his marvelous work Midnights Children, which own him Booker prize. Lets for the god sake forget Satanic Verses and invite him to have good debate as a writer of Midnights children.
People are fully not understanding what really is occurring in the name of Islam people are bullied and meanwhile government is roasting its electoral dreams in the wake of Rushdie. Congress is evident that if he’s supported than in the coming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and all where Muslim is the prime voter they may lose the ground. They speak of freedom of speech, is this what they were speaking about? And meanwhile do ban on books advisable? Provided the vastness of internet anyone could reach any banned piece of literature at any time, making himself accessible to the restricted items!! The so called right wings as they are called widely must keep this in their minds that with the flow of time we have grown up and desire to live in a country which in real means has the ‘ right of free speech’. Rajasthan police even iterated the threat of underworld, amazing to ask here is ‘what for they are paid or service?’ to protect or just to give rise to a pseudo fear in the minds of ignorant… Thanks to the rightwing or anyone’s who objected Salman Rushdie from visiting India, his next book for sure has got the not needed publicity and not to mention even the Satanic Verses also!(remember internet!). With all of this controversy even the Jaipur Literary Festival has got a big limp and is ending on ‘high note’.

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