A lesson from the tiny Butterfly!

An object or organism which seem so small or tiny to us, might make us learn the biggest chapter of our life; which no other mighty object could achieve in teaching us. I'm in no way talking of any unseen or celestial body but just wondering about the lessons a butterfly could teach us in its short span of life for which we strive to live! Yes, indeed it’s the same colourfull, yet witty, hard to achieve, mesmerizing insect which could teach us a lesson or two. There is no one who might have spared from the lust of its scintillating & bewildering colours which it displays on its flight; and to the natures dismay we in our childhood had made a wild run to own the glistening fly but had ended up mostly defeated to the natures wonder. The very butterfly behind which we ran could make us aware of the bewildering and lustfull world we live in. Mostly to the cunningness of man, we ran behind a thing which is though precious, is hard to achieve. From its very birth from the caterpillar stage; it procures to the speed loving human that most enjoyable and ecstatic things in life are witnessed by those who strive with patience in their belly. Time has many things in its basket to offer everyone, don’t be selfish to snatch it; in doing so you might miss the joyous butterfly and go with just a dead caterpillar. Good better best never let it rest. Just be prepared for things and have the courage and spirit to move forward with whatsoever comes in your share! Nobody holds vengeance for you, the thing offered to you may be the best you could ever possess and mould up! Nobody can predict….
There are many things in life like butterflies which though lusty are just to be enjoyed but not to be achieved. But the enjoyment that we acquire on the chase is to be cherished forever, its always the path to the success which is enjoyable not the success itself!!! Though amusing its true, think for sometime; a student enjoys his schooling time more and more; though he always complain of its stress and exams but at the end it’s not the certificate(success) but the path that makes us giggle in the crowd. Enjoy the life as it unfolds, who knows how tomorrow could be, who knows where we would be in the very next moment! Life in itself is just an illusion, just enjoy it. Like ice-cream, wait and watch would just make the ice cream melt and nothing else!!! It’s to enjoy not for just staring at it!

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