Health problems around Kaiga on the rise

KARWAR: Shyamnath Naik, who is leading the protests against Kaiga nuclear plant, says there have been health problems like cancer, skin rashes, and cancer of the uterus. "We don't have proof that it is due to Kaiga, but these problems started appearing after Kaiga was set up.'' Karwar DC B N Krishnaiah says their demands regarding land and other facilities have been forwarded to the government. "We have also intimated the Kaiga authorities on this issue,'' he added. Regarding cases of cancer, he said the study conducted by the administration did not find anything alarming or any abnormal rise. Health officer Ashok Kumar said there were about 30 cases in a 5-44 km radius from Kaiga. "This is nothing alarming. It is on par with what is observed in other areas,'' he added. Kaiga additional GM (HR) Capt Mohinder Singh said: "The site director and I have been here for more than 20 years. We have had no health problems. Then how can someone outside the KNPP boundary have?'' Naik retorted, saying Kaiga staff get adequate medical care facility.

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