Great sex is all about great foreplay!!!!

do for a spunkier sex life... Scented candles? Check. Kamasutra series? Check. Flavoured condoms? Double check! The paraphernalia is in place, and boy, you were never more ready. It begins with foreplay, slips into intercourse, and before you know bam it's over - as physical as it could get and as unfulfilling as you would dread. Setting up the supplies is only the icing. What's needed primarily is that passion for each other, which sadly isn't enough. Here's what you can do to increase the satisfaction quotient of your next encounter. Do the karaoke Sing to your partner. It might be embarrassing to some, way too mushy for others, and old-fashioned for most, but sorry dude, it works. So head to the nearest Karaoke night, and let your hearts out with romantic duets. You needn't do a Kishore Kumar or Asha Bhonsle, but the warm numbers will re-ignite the passion which is often muddled in everyday madness. Head to the kitchen Don the chef's hat and help her cook. Lick the chilli sauce off each other's fingers and show off some whipping (whipping cream, that is) skills. Don't be surprised if you skip desserts and head straight to bed. Click it right Revisit those cherished moments by going through family albums and videos. That special date (when you first kissed), that evening by the seaside (when he finally proposed), your engagement ceremony (when your friends couldn't stop dancing) will remind you how special your partner is. This feeling of togetherness and emotional intimacy will ultimately manifests in physical attraction. Travel time It's time to put those leaves to good use. Check out travel brochures, browse the net and plan your next holiday. And lack of funds should not be an excuse. The good old Ganpatiphule can work as good as a Paris or a Barcelona. The shared experience will only bring you closer. By this you will realise that you still dig each other's company and enjoy it the most. Comic quotient Humour is good for health and those light- hearted moments drain out stress, if any - just the right mood to switch in to some fun. Catch a stand-up comic show or order that rib- tickling DVD to watch after dinner. If not that, get a book and read out those ridiculous jokes to each other. What can be sexier than showing off those muscles as you work up a good sweat? Go for a jog, swim or cycle. The workout will help release endorphins; the feel-good hormones that will gear you up for a longer lasting session. And of course, a toned body means your partner will only be more than happy to help you show more of it. Dance baby dance You don't need to be a perfect dancer or even know various dance forms for this. Just hold your partner and slow dance to your favourite song. The lyrics will play cupid as the bodies rub against each other, the fragrance of her hair will work as the most potent aphrodisiac you ever knew of. Play with each other Play cards or challenge each other for a board game. The rules remain the same, barring one small anomaly - the winner's wish is the loser's command. The adrenaline levels will soar as the game approaches its nail- biting finish. But the real fun will only be after the game is over. Do 'nothing' together Cuddle on a comfortable sofa with an endless supply of starters and chilled drinks. The endless chats about anything and everything will help you appreciate each other's company. When both partners feel valued and loved, the connect goes deeper, and more meaningful. It is only out of such pleasant moments that true physical intimacy develops

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